Get engaged with UNMC | SYNC

Are you one of the 7,400 users harnessing the power of UNMC | SYNC?

UNMC | SYNC, launched earlier this year, is UNMC's online platform to help students, student organizations, faculty and staff stay connected to events and opportunities around campus and in the community.

Faculty and staff are able to use the platform for:

Additionally, students can use UNMC | SYNC to showcase achievements by generating a co-curricular transcript and e-portfolio, managing group activities, and to store and share files.

"There was a need for centralized communication related to engagement and various opportunities across all five UNMC campuses and within our community. UNMC | SYNC is our solution," said Heidi Keeler, PhD, director of the UNMC Office of Community Engagement under Academic Affairs, which sponsors UNMC | SYNC. "Currently, we have over 40 organizations hosting sites in UNMC | SYNC that members can join, and we invite others to set up their portal sites as well."

UNMC | SYNC is easily accessed by signing onto the UNMC | SYNC website with campus credentials or through the UNMC intranet (link under UNMC | SYNC). You also can download an app for your phone, available via Apple and Google Play.

Create your account today to discover hundreds of interprofessional and community-specific opportunities. One example is the application for the newly introduced OCE Service/Engagement Awards, which recognized excellence in community service. Your organization must be set up in UNMC | SYNC to qualify.

If you have questions regarding UNMC | SYNC or need help setting up your account, email the UNMC Office of Community Engagement or call 402-559-1769.