Dual MSN/MBA Degree Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

While this is a jointly offered dual degree program, you will need to apply separately at both UNMC (for nursing) and at UNO (for business). Application forms are available online at:

Apply at UNO 
Apply at UNMC 

What are the specific admission requirements for the MBA program?

Unconditional admission may be granted to an applicant with a 2.85 junior/senior GPA, 500 GMAT or 299 GRE (waived for students who have earned a BSN and who possess an active RN license), resume, and a TOEFL score of 80 (internet-based) or 6.5 IELTS for international students.

What are the specific admission requirements for the MSN program?

Admission requirements to the MSN program include a grade point average of 3.0, graduate-level statistics (approval required), resume, personal references, and an interview.

Are the admission requirements for the dual MSN/MBA degree any different that the MSN and MBA program individually?

  1. Currently enrolled UNO MBA students cannot have completed more than 12 semester hours within the MBA program to qualify for admission.
  2. Currently enrolled UNMC MSN students cannot have completed more than 18 semester hours toward the MSN program to qualify for admission.

Do I need to take the GRE/GMAT as an admission requirement for the MSN/MBA program?

The GRE/GMAT requirement is waived for UNMC College of Nursing students who have earned a BSN and who possess an active RN license.

Are there any pre-requisites for the dual program?

The MBA program requires students to have the following:

The applicant will be granted provisional status in the program until the MBA foundational courses are completed with a ‘B’ or better.

If I have foundation course work to complete, can I do it before I am admitted to the program?

Yes, students may complete the foundation coursework prior to being admitted to the program. Students also may be admitted on a provisional basis until foundation courses are completed. For nursing that would include graduate statistics, and for business, courses in accounting and economics (as described earlier).

What is the tuition for UNO MBA classes? Is it different from UNMC Nursing classes?

Tuition for MSN and MBA classes differ. The student pays the individual tuition rate for each specific class, but all tuition fees are billed through one UNMC statement. Please see the current tuition rates here:

UNO tuition
UNMC tuition

How much are student fees? Do I have to pay them on each campus?

Students in the dual-degree program will have to pay some fees on each campus, but all fees will be billed on their UNMC tuition statement.

Are there any scholarships available?

Scholarships and financial aid are both available to interested students. Applications can be made through UNMC. Students taking 6 credit hours are eligible for financial aid assistance.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

The dual MSN/MBA degree requires 56 hours to complete the program: 22 credit hours are considered part of the business graduate degree program and 34 credit hours are part of the graduate nursing program. In the nursing program, there are 11 practicum credit hours included in the 34 hour degree requirement that the student uses to work in areas of interest, often times with an expert preceptor. Note: If you completed both graduate degrees individually, it would take 81 hours to complete both programs (BSN to MSN = 48 hours, MBA = 33)

Plans of study have been developed for 4 or 4.5 years (taking 2-3 classes a semester) or 6 or 6.5 years (taking 1-2 classes a semester). The entire program must be completed within 7 years from point of admission.

Are there any on-line classes?

MSN classes are considered a hybrid delivery format using web-based technology. Nursing classes are both recorded for later viewing and are available in live-stream format that allows participation in the class regardless of location. The MBA is offered in an online, asynchronous format or in-class during the evenings at the UNO campus. There is one mandatory nursing immersion weekend scheduled on the Omaha campus.

When are classes held?

Nursing synchronous classes are held in the evening. Online students have the option of attending selected classes during the day as available if desired.

Do I have to take classes each semester?

You do not have to take classes each semester; however, your plan of study will be lengthened. There is a process to take a leave of absence. Financial aid will likely be affected as “progression in curriculum” is delayed. Summer is not considered a required term.

Why would I choose this dual graduate degree program?

Health care is a business. Nursing professionals who possess both clinical skills and a clear understanding of business management, leadership, and strategic decision-making are in demand to meet the leadership challenges of today’s healthcare environment. Students have the opportunity to learn from expert faculty, engage with a diverse group of students and put their learning into practice. The practicum hours provide an application of course content through a relationship with expert preceptors and also offer credit if a doctoral nursing degree is considered.

The dual degree program requires 56 hours of coursework versus 81 hours if both degrees are pursued separately.