Prerequisite Courses

Preparation coursework prior to nursing curriculum

Your path to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree starts by completing 58 or more prerequisite credits. These courses are essential foundation for your nursing curriculum.   Some/much of this foundation may already be satisfied if you are applying for: 

  Please note: Prerequisite courses are NOT offered by UNMC.
You may take them through the University of Nebraska (on campus or online/distance) or from any accredited community college, 4-year college or university.

BSN Prerequisite Courses

To be completed before starting the BSN nursing curriculum.

  BSN prerequisites   CREDITS
  English Composition I and II   6
  Introduction to Psychology   3
  Introduction to Sociology   3
  Human Growth & Development *   3
  Chemistry *   4
  College Algebra *   3
  Statistics *   3
  Anatomy & Physiology I and II OR Human Anatomy & Human Physiology *
  Ethics   3
  Microbiology *   4
  Nutrition *   3
  Complete one course for each category below:
  Humanities   3
  Culture / Race / Ethnicity / Gender   3
  Family / Human Behavior   3
  Political Science / Social Organization   3
  Free Electives   3 to 5
  Total prerequisites   58

Grade and Currency Requirements

Traditional and Accelerated BSN


Transferring credits

All prerequisite credits must be transferable to the University of Nebraska. Credits from any accredited community college, 4-year college or university — including online and independent study courses — are generally accepted for transfer.


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