Scholar Programs


Unique opportunities to explore areas of nursing in detail

The College of Nursing values that students bring diverse interests to nursing. To support and encourage those varied interests, the College has developed programs that allow students to explore nursing in greater detail in selected areas. Programs currently available include: 

Veterans Affairs Academic Scholar

This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in the care of veterans. Students will gain an appreciation for the unique health needs of veterans. Class and clinical opportunities will support an understanding of contributing factors and targeted care. Additionally, students will gain familiarity with the origins of the Veterans Affairs (VA) system, understand what makes the VA unique, and will be more informed about the VA system and benefits. Learn more about the VA scholar program.

Primary Care Scholar

The College of Nursing takes pride in preparing its nursing graduates to work in any health care field after graduation. By pursuing the specialized primary care track, students will receive extra training and mentoring in primary care. Upon graduation, primary care students will be qualified to work and lead in a primary care setting, commonly referred to as a doctor’s office, clinic or other community setting. Learn more about the primary care scholar program.

Honors Research Program

The inclusion of students in faculty-led research teams is critical to the sustainability of our mission to design innovative research that promotes the highest quality of care. The Honors Research Program was developed to help undergraduate students learn more about the nurse scientist role by engaging in a research project with a faculty mentor. This 3 semester program, which includes seminar classes on research resources, career options, and graduate education preparation, is intended for students who express interest in pursuing a PhD degree and a future research career in nursing. Learn more about the Honors Research Program.

Internationally Educated Nurse

This certificate program is designed to assist registered nurses who have been educated outside of the U.S. to prepare for writing the NCLEX – RN, the national examination required for licensure. This is a two semester program which will begin in May, 2021. Learn more about the Nursing in the U.S. Context program.

More scholar programs are currently in development and will be available in the next year.