Veteran’s Affairs Academic Scholars Program

Veteran Nursing at Nebraska

As a “Designated Military Friendly School”, UNMC College of Nursing is a leader in providing veterans with the support and resources needed for success. We are dedicated to improving the health of military veterans and work to educate nurses on the unique needs of veterans. In partnership with the Veterans Administration of Nebraska and Western Iowa Health Care Systems, UNMC provides hands-on clinical opportunities for students that address issues unique to veterans.

Why Nursing?

Nursing is a rewarding career where you are able to save lives and comfort those in need. It requires hard-work, dedication and a passion for serving others. As a veteran, you possess these qualities and have committed to serving our country. The U.S. is currently facing a shortage of nurses that is only expected to increase. As a result, a career in nursing will provide you many job benefits as employers search for educated nurses. Through the UNMC College of Nursing, you will be able to serve in a new way, on the frontlines of healthcare within your community.


UNMC College of Nursing is a world leader in premier educational programs, innovative research, and extraordinary patient care. At Nebraska, not only will you learn alongside top healthcare leaders, you will have access to military care and facilities. As a veteran, you will receive medical care and commissary throughout your education and are within traveling distance of the Veteran hospital, Offutt Air Force Base and VA facilities in Lincoln, Kearney and Omaha.


About the Grant

The HRSA Grant is a 1.36 million-dollar, three year grant that was awarded to UNMC College of Nursing on July 1, 2020. This grant allows military veterans and active military personnel achieve their goal of becoming a nurse through enrollment into the UNMC College of Nursing Bachelor’s degree program. As a veteran, the resources the HRSA Grant provides includes pre-admission assistance and additional support throughout your education to ensure your success. For student veterans enrolled in undergraduate colleges and universities who meet requirements, the grant’s Early Admission Program provides a guaranteed spot in the UNMC College of Nursing.

The HRSA Grant is focused on primary care nursing for chronic disease prevention and management for mental health and substance use disorders. Veteran nurses are vital to understanding and addressing the needs of veteran patients in this area of nursing. The goal is to educate practicing nurses and nursing students on the unique health needs of veterans and military members. Through the HRSA grant UNMC has partnered with the Veterans Administration of Nebraska and Western Iowa Health Care System to provide clinical opportunities that address issues unique to veterans.

UNMC Named Military Friendly School

UNMC College of Nursing was named a “Designated Military Friendly School” for the 2020-2021 school year. Ratings for this award are assessed through data gathered through the Military Schools survey offered to 8,800 schools nationwide. UNMC is 1 out of 8 Nebraska institutions that hold this title. This selective award highlights UNMC’s dedication to the military community and our student veterans. We are proud to continually provide a quality education to veterans that sets an example for schools across the country.

Minimum Benchmarks for Military Schools:

“The military instilled some good skills in me, discipline, motivation, self- starting. These skills made it easy for me to transition from the military to nursing.” -Jessica Reid, Accelerated Program Nursing Veteran.

“I want to be a nurse because it is a profession that can help in any situation.” -Margaret Safarik, ROTC Nursing Student.


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