College of Nursing Faculty/Staff Awards

Chancellor's Commendation Gold "U" Award

This award is given six times per year to employees who consistently deliver outstanding performance and service to UNMC. Recipients of the Chancellor's Commendation - Gold U are honored at a breakfast with the UNMC chancellor and receive an art glass paperweight, a pin and frame, a certificate and a cash award. In addition, Gold U recipients are honored with KUDOS at a Board of Regents meeting, where they receive a commemorative plaque for outstanding service to the university. View College of Nursing recipients.

Chancellor's Council Silver "U" Award

This award is given annually to approximately 120 employees, who provide consistent performance that exceeds expectations or for other special achievements. Unit leaders select employees on a monthly basis. The number of recipients from each unit is based on unit population. Recipients receive a silver ‘U’ pin, a denim shirt with the silver ‘U’ logo and will be invited to lunch with the chancellor. To nominate an employee for the Silver 'U', contact your department's Silver 'U' representative. View College of Nursing recipients.

Ada M. Lindsey Professional Staff Award

This award acknowledges a current full-time staff member for his/her service excellence to the UNMC College of Nursing. Recipients of the staff award shall be selected based on exemplary service or leadership and commitment to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Nursing.

2019      LaDonna Tworek
2020      Kris Claussen
2021      Lori Turner
2022      Lisa Muschall
2023      Renee Paulin
2024      Amy Frizzell

Staff Excellence Award

This award recognizes an outstanding staff member, one who embodies excellence through outstanding performance, leading or serving on a team or committee and contributing to its success, providing outstanding customer service, improving the effectiveness or efficiencies of daily operation while emphasizing quality and high standards. It also recognizes a staff member for fostering an environment of learning and communication. Students, faculty and staff submitted nominations for this individual.

2005      Rhonda Harnish
2006      Sherrie Ames
2007      Dan Brick
2008      LaDonna Tworek
2009      Diane Feldman
2010      Susan Oestmann
2011      Debbi Lee
2012      Alan Wass
2013      Cara Mouw
2014      Kris Claussen
2015      Linda Dobson
2016      Tom Mason
2017      Patrick Rejda
2018      Stacey Powers
2019      Tia Stevenson
2020      Bobbi Hartshorn
2021      Lauren Lesiak
2022      John Rejda & Diane Feldman
2023      Amanda Filipi
2024      Kendra Knox

Staff Leadership Award

The Staff Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding staff member who has made exemplary leadership contributions to the College of Nursing. This is done through superior leadership skills by fostering an environment of cooperation and creativity through organization and planning and project management.

2013      John Barrier
2014      Patrick Rejda
2015      Kristi Brummels
2016      Valeta Creason-Wahl
2017      Molly Belieu
2018      Lori Turner
2019      Sandra Sasse
2020      Anji Heath
2021      Juli Bohnenkamp
2022      Amelia Stoltman
2023      Maninder Hora
2024      Buffi Union

Staff Spirit Award

This award recognizes and honors an individual who has had a meaningful impact within the UNMC College of Nursing by consistently demonstrating a positive attitude, dedication, initiative and the ability to work together toward a common vision. Their actions serve to motivate colleagues and customers and help to make the College a more inclusive and welcoming place to work.

2013      Maureen Oberdorfer
2014      Lori Cooley
2015      Gloria Geiselman
2016      Karen Schledewitz
2017      Diane Potter
2018      Bobbi Hartshorn
2019      Buffi Union
2020      Tia Stevenson
2021      Tess McKinney
2022      Gwen Porter
2023      Kaycee Kube
2024      Sarah Stowell

Rosalee C. Yeaworth Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Rosalee C. Yeaworth, 4th Dean of the College of nursing, provided leadership for the College of nursing for 15 years. To honor her service and contribution to nursing education, the Rosalee C. Yeaworth Teaching Excellence Award was created. This award acknowledges a current full or part-time faculty member for his/her teaching excellence.

1995      Mary Megel
1996      Cheryl West
1997      Mary Jane Garrett
1998      Leslie Gleaves
1999      Patricia Trausch
2000      Duane Schmutzer
2001      Jean Bartek
2002      Kathleen Duncan
2003      Sharon Holyoke
2004      Lynne Farr
2005      Joyce Black
2006      Cecilia Barron
2007      Rita Schmitz
2008      Nancy Stuart
2009      Cindy Seidl
2010      M.J. Stanley
2011      Peggy Wilson
2012      Christine Eisenhauer
2013      Barbara Sand
2014      Karen Schumacher
2015      Ann Berger
2016      Peggy Pelish
2017      Becky Kreman
2018      Susan Wilhelm
2019      Janet Nieveen
2020      Mary Petersen
2021      Kami Loeffelholz
2022      Jami Fulwider
2023      Suhasini Kotcherlakota
2024      Jenna Hesse

Ada M. Lindsey Professional Service Award

Dr. Ada M. Lindsey, 5th Dean of the College of Nursing, provided leadership for the College of Nursing for 8 years. To honor her support of clinical practice and professional service, the Ada M. Lindsey Professional Service Award has been created.

2003      Kathryn Fiandt
2004      Barbara Piper
2005      Susan Muhlbauer
2006      Janice Twiss
2007      Stephanie Burge
2008      Audrey Nelson
2009      Rita Antonson
2010      Kathy Bickerstaff
2011      Peggy Pelish
2012      Nancy Farris
2013      Roberta Kroeger
2014      Trina Aguirre
2015      Nancy Waltman
2016      Linda Sather
2017      Shirley Tachenko Achord
2018      Tiffany Moore
2019      Nicholas Guenzel
2020      Denise Waibel-Rycek
2021      Maggie Emerson
2022      Mark Darby
2023      LeAnn Holmes
2024      Terri Mathews

Virginia Tilden Leadership Development Award

Dr. Virginia Tilden, 6th Dean of the College of Nursing, provided leadership for the College of Nursing for 8 years. Dr. Tilden established the Virginia Tilden Leadership Development Award to help with development of advanced leadership skills of a faculty member with an interest in and demonstrated capacity for senior level leadership.

2013      Connie Miller
2014      Teresa Hultquist
2015      Becky Kreman
2019      Louise LaFramboise
2021      Christine Eisenhauer
2022      Heidi Keeler
2023      Tiffany Moore
2024      Angela Johnson

Dean's Teaching Excellence Award

Acknowledges a current full or part-time faculty member for his/her teaching excellence. The award was established by Dr. Virginia Tilden.

2006      Sue Barnason
2007      Rebecca Keating-Lefler
2008      Shirley Tachenko Achord
2009      Lissa Clark
2010      Judi Schlife
2011      Margaret Kaiser
2012      Kim Rodehorst
2013      Cathy Binstock
2014      Katie Bravo
2015      Donna McElvain
2016      Julie Quickert
2017      Cathy Tierney
2018      Rita Weber
2019      Kelly Gonzales
2020      Leeza Struwe
2021      Sue Schuelke
2023      Windy Alonso
2024      Emily Coffey

The Distinguished Team Award

This award is intended to acknowledge a group of 3 or more persons who have made an impact by contributing to excellence for the UNMC CON through teamwork that benefits many.

2013      DNP Site Visit Team
2014      Syllabus Task Force
2015      CNE Special Project Team
2016      Evaluation Task Force
2017      GSO Committees - Steering, Membership Engagement & Professional Development
2018      Centennial Planning Committee
2019      Clinical with a Heart (Lincoln Faculty and Staff led by Kathy Duncan and Paula Schulz)
The Awesome Threesome (Douglass Haas, Tricia Hotaling & Bunny Pozehl)

2020      Zoom Proctoring Team (Patrick Rejda, Julie Bohnenkamp, Tess McKinney, Missy Ofe Fleck, Amy Newhouse, Jerry Schledewitz)
2021      College of Nursing Student Services
2022      Academic Success Coaches (Ann Callies, Bobbie Barton, Sherri Peterson, Kaycee Kube and Amy Zitterkopf)
2023      Nebraska Collaborative Investment in Nurses (Alyson Hanish, Bobbie Barton, Tiffany Moore, Kami Wattenbach, Ann Callies, Rebecca Wysoske, Allison DeLizza, Jordan Henkel, Katrina Cordts, Keith Hansen, Krista Brown, Deborah Levy, Lisa Walters, Jessica Semin, Lyndsay Dean, Marcia Shade, Heidi Keeler, Emily Blanchard, Kirsten Hepburn, Therese Mathews, and Steve Wengel)
2024      Accelerated Program Campus Coordinators (AnneMarie DeVoll-Zabrocki, Mat Burton, Katie Messner, Diane Brage Hudson & Nikki Houlden)

Donna Westmoreland Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award

Donna Westmoreland was a spirited nurse educator who believed that mentoring and coaching were the best methods to enable faculty to discover their voice and develop their unique capacity as a teacher and scholar. This award is given annually to a member of the faculty who has demonstrated excellence in mentoring faculty or graduate assistants in teaching or teaching scholarship.

2007      Sharon Holyoke
2008      Myra Schmaderer
2009      Bernice Yates
2010      Karen Schumacher
2011      Paula Schulz
2012      Teresa Barry Hultquist
2013      Stephanie Burge
2014      Anne Wilber
2015      Pat Trausch
2016      Karen Grigsby
2017      Colleen Kennedy
2018      Beth Burbach
2019      Rita Schmitz
2020      Bunny Pozehl
2021      Sue Schuelke
2022      LeAnn Holmes
2023      Missy Ofe Fleck
2024      Cathy Binstock

Pennie Z. Davis Faculty Research Award

Established by Pennie Z. Davis who supported many philanthropic efforts in Omaha and was a fervent supporter of scholarly endeavors. He established this award to recognize the contributions to nursing science of a College of Nursing faculty researcher.

2001      Ann Berger
2002      Lani Zimmerman
2002      Susan Noble Walker
2003      Julia Houfek
2004      Ada M. Lindsey
2005      Bunny Pozehl
2006      Nancy Waltman
2007      Polly Hulme
2008      Diane Brage Hudson
2009      Bernice Yates
2010      Carol Pullen
2011      Michele Balas
2012      Karen Schumacher
2013      Paula Schultz
2014      Melody Hertzog
2015      Sue Barnason
2016      Tiffany Moore
2017      Mary Cramer
               Trina Aguirre

2018      Christine Eisenhauer
2019      Robin Lally
2020      Myra Schmaderer
               Kathleen Hanna

2021      Amy Hoffman
2022      Windy Alonso
2023      Alyson Hanish
2024      Breanna Hetland

Spirit of Shared Governance Award

The Spirit of Shared Governance Award is intended to recognize a person who: 1) Demonstrates positive action toward using the governance system to promote shared solutions and collegiality with the College of Nursing; 2) Serves as an effective role model for others to engage in shared governance; 3) Provides leadership on committees, task forces, or special assignments within the College of Nursing shared governance system; 4) And mentors others about the College of Nursing’s shared governance system.

2010      Lani Zimmerman
2011      Kearney Division
2012      Christie Campbell-Grossman
2013      Karen Schumacher
2014      Mary Ann Mertz
2017      Michelle Ellermeier
2018      Teresa Hultquist
2021      Michelle Ellermeier
2022      Peggy Pelish
2023      Nancy Stuart
2024      Melissa Florell

Kathryn Sandahl Philp Award for Creativity and Innovation

Kathryn Sandahl Philp is a UNMC CON alumna. This award was established in her honor by her daughter. The intent of the award is to acknowledge and support faculty creativity and innovation in any of the following areas: teaching, research, or practice/service.

2007      Kathy Kaiser
2008      Missy Ofe Fleck
2009      Leeza Struwe
2010      Barb Sittner
2011      Shirley Wiggins
2012      Lufei Young
2013      Amy Herboldsheimer
2014      Nancy Meier
2015      Jean Allen
2016      Julie Quickert
2017      Jessica Nielsen
2018      Annette Kasselman
2019      Kirsten Curtis
2020      Dawn Tassemeyer
2021      Breanna Hetland
2022      Mark Darby
2023      AnneMarie DeVoll-Zabrocki
2024      Rebecca Swanson