Abbey Klein - Student Spotlight

Abbey Jo Klein is a BSN to PhD student at the UNMC College of Nursing. She is also a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Alyson Hanish.

Research/professional interests: My research interest is urinary incontinence in mid-life women and how we, as health care providers, can best meet the needs of women across the lifespan. I am particularly interested in rural women, as rural communities often face unique barriers to accessing health care. I am also passionate about health care policy. I believe nurses possess the leadership qualities and critical thinking skills needed in policymaking, and I hope to be a catalyst for effective and thoughtful policy in the state of Nebraska.

Why I chose a PhD in nursing:When I started my graduate nursing career, I was enrolled in the DNP program. While working for Dr. Alyson Hanish, I discovered my passion for research. Dr. Hanish played a pivotal role in my career by showing me the amazing things nurse scientists are capable of. I chose a PhD in nursing because I want to help women achieve optimal bladder health. Through research, we may one day have a better understanding of how to prevent urinary incontinence in women. I also chose a PhD in nursing because I have a passion for education. To educate the next generation of nurses and nurse scientists would be the privilege of a lifetime.

What I like about UNMC: UNMC has offered me so many wonderful research and leadership opportunities. The professors at the UNMC College of Nursing are incredible. They are extremely supportive of student research and graciously give their time and energy to students. When I think about all the things I love about UNMC, my advisor, Dr. Christine Eisenhauer, is at the top of the list. Dr. Eisenhauer has given me so much support throughout my time at UNMC. She has made UNMC feel like home. I certainly appreciate the physical resources UNMC has provided me, but the faculty truly make UNMC the best place to learn.

Professional memberships:
I am a member of the Nebraska Nurses Association, American Nurses Association, Midwest Nursing Research Society, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, and Nebraska Rural Health Association.

Three things people may not know about me: