Ashtyn Keezer - Student Spotlight

Ashtyn Keezer is an honors student in UNMC College of Nursing’s BSN Program.

Why I chose nursing: I was first interested in nursing after experiencing personally how big of an impact nurses can have on their patients and their families. I was also drawn to the variety of different possibilities the field of nursing can provide from the numerous specialties to the opportunity to pursue higher education.

What I like about the honors program: I have really enjoyed the honors program thus far. It has been an amazing way to get accustomed to the research process through the mentorship of Dr. Sheri Rowland and Dr. Hetland. The honors program has also allowed me to reach out and work with researchers in a variety of different fields. I believe the honors research program has really set me up for success moving forward.

Future career goals: I would like to work on a pediatric oncology floor for a couple of years before returning to to school to pursue a advanced nursing degree. I am still undecided between the PhD and DNP route.

Three things people may not know about me: