Jessica Miller - Student Spotlight

Jessica Miller is a BSN to PhD student in UNMC’s College of Nursing.

Research/professional interests:

My research interest is to improvise quality of life of rural dwelling adults diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions. My first step towards this long-term research career is my dissertation titled Evaluating Self-Management of Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions Residing in Rural Communities: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study. It is a goal of mine to help rural health care communities provide individualized care to adults with multiple chronic conditions taking into account their access to care, culture, chronic conditions and daily health care routines.

Why I chose a PhD in nursing:

A PhD in nursing was something that was not on my radar until my final semester of undergraduate nursing education. It was recommended to me by my advisor as I have a habit of constantly asking why and wanting to know more about how to change healthcare for the better. A PhD in nursing allows me to perform research on how to better care for rural adults with multiple chronic conditions.

What I like about UNMC:

The culture at UNMC is a very welcoming and caring environment with excellent student resources and faculty experience. UNMC also allows for students to attend classes from my rural home without relocating to a metropolitan area.

Professional memberships:

Three things people may not know about me: