COVID-19 Recovery Messaging

This communication outline was created by the UNMC College of Nursing in partnership with the Nebraska Assembly of Nursing Deans and Directors (NANDD) and with representation from nursing colleges across the state.

Nursing is a highly trusted profession and the information nurses provide can inform/influence the public on topics including COVID-19 and vaccinations. Social media messaging should be authentic, connective, sharable and source-able/accurate. When you share information:

Policies and Procedures

Review UNMC’s social media guidelines and policies, which include:

Media Training

Contact and consult UNMC’s Department of Strategic Communications if you receive a media inquiry. 


Content doesn’t have to be boring or dull; it does need to be authentic, accurate and thoughtful. See possible messaging points below or share your own information, per the guidelines outlined in this document. Choose how to share content on whatever platform suits your personality. Links to toolkits and other resources for reliable information include:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Understanding mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

CDC - Key Things to Know about COVID-19 Vaccines

CDC - Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination

The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Pandemic Defense – No single intervention is perfect at preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Each intervention (layer) has holes. View a graphic that shows how multiple public health layers improve success.

Messaging Points