What is faculty practice?
It is a way to continue teaching while integrating clinical hours into your UNMC workweek – as noted previously, it’s clinical practice not in addition to an academic appointment, but as a mindful part of it. Faculty practice also is a great way to maintain current licensing without taking on a second job.

Who is this available to and how does the process work?
Any faculty member of the UNMC College of Nursing. Currently, more than 25 faculty, with an array of specialties, are engaging in faculty practice with our community clinical partners. In Fiscal Year 2017, they produced more than 9,500 clinical-practice hours, bringing in some $600,000. Find more stats in our Annual Report.

Will I need to add clinical practice as a second job, or increase the number of hours in my workweek?
No. The Morehead Center helps you balance your career while maintaining work-life balance. We will work with you to include clinical practice hours as part of your regular academic appointment. Often, it’s as simple as dropping a teaching day, adding a clinical day.

Will I have two paychecks? Will my salary be affected one way or another?
You will receive your regular salary from the University of Nebraska as part of your academic appointment. Any additional revenue the clinical work brings in over your regular salary will be distributed to you quarterly, on one of your monthly paychecks. Distribution of additional revenue is based on 9- or 12-month faculty appointments, and hours worked.

What are some of the benefits for clinical employers?
As noted previously, practicing faculty are UNMC employees – so UNMC covers health insurance, 401K, vacation, and even handles administrative payroll and malpractice insurance. Clinical employers merely have a monthly statement. Additionally, UNMC faculty can cover for one another, when applicable.