Community Service

Senior Health Promotion Center

Senior Health Promotion CenterThe Senior Health Promotion Center, located in Lincoln, provides nursing services to older adults. Sponsored by UNMC College of Nursing and Aging Partners, the Senior Health Promotion Center is staffed every Thursday by students of the College of Nursing to receive real life community health nursing experiences as part of a course instructed by Rita Antonson, RN, MSN, GNP. Students have the opportunity to expand their nursing skills while providing elderly patients with prevention services.

Services provided in the clinic include:

Community Collaboration

The College of Nursing continues a tradition of providing health fairs and screening events for underserved populations across the State of Nebraska. Partnering with local healthcare, faith-based, and community organizations, the College of Nursing is able to provide high-quality health services to a variety of populations in Nebraska.

Mobile Nursing Unit

The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing Mobile Nursing Center is housed in a 36 foot mobile vehicle that travels to areas in Nebraska and Western Iowa and provides health screening, health education, and referral services to diverse populations.

Senior Health Promotion CenterThe Mobile Nursing Center serves as an effective way for students and faculty to provide health promotion services in both urban and rural settings. The MNC offers interdisciplinary students in nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, and allied health the opportunity to work together in the provision of care to underserved populations.

Funding for the mobile unit began in 1992 with financial support from the Cornbelt Federation of Cosmopolitan Clubs (CDC- Cornbelt Diabetes Connection) and federal funds from the Division of Nursing in 1993. The Mobile Nursing Unit continues its service to the community through donations, grants, college of nursing support, community partners, and fee-for-service screenings.

Grants and Opportunities for Partnership

Nursing faculty are continually seeking new partnerships for community-based activities across Nebraska. For additional information on upcoming projects or to seek a partnership with the College of Nursing, please contact Dr. Kate Fiandt, Associate Dean of Transformational Practice and Partnerships.