RN to BSN Program

RN to BSN program summary


The RN to BSN Program is an online advancement program for current registered nurses (RNs) with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Diploma in Nursing.

The RN to BSN Program continues its evolution to:

Program delivery

Curriculum is presented via distance education, with courses available on demand, anytime, to fit your schedule. Some courses may occasionally require synchronous login (that is: live, time-specific classes).

Preparation coursework

You first complete prerequisite courses — essential science and liberal arts courses — totaling 58 credits. Much of this coursework may already be satisfied by your existing nursing degree. Prerequisite courses are NOT offered by the UNMC College of Nursing. You may take them through the University of Nebraska (on campus or online/distance) or from any accredited community college, 4-year college or university.

UNMC nursing coursework

Students are admitted three (3) times a year for an August, January, or May program start. Required nursing coursework consists of six classes for 20 credits.

Completion timeline

You can choose to take 1 to 3 courses a semester leading to degree completion in 1 to 3 years.

Admission steps / requirements

Application due date

Credits awards for course completion, prior nursing education & experience

  1. Course Completion/Portfolio Activities and Review for Students Admitted After Fall 2013: Upon completion of NRSG 451W you will be awarded 5 additional credit hours and after completing 452W you will be awarded 6 additional credit hours for a total of 11 credit hours. These hours are based on a professional review of your portfolio by faculty and completion of activities designed to augment your portfolio. There is a special fee that covers both courses, but is assessed and payable during the semester you register for NRSG 452W.
  2. Course Completion Credit for Students Admitted Prior to Fall 2013: Upon completion of NRSG 385W you’ll be awarded an additional 11 credit hours. There is a special one-time fee that is assessed and payable during the semester you register for NRSG 385W.
  3. Previous Education and Work Experience: Up to 31 additional credits will be awarded upon program completion for your prior nursing education and work experience completed before BSN graduation. This is based on working one (1) year full-time as an RN.

Transferring credits

Credits from any accredited community college, 4-year college or university — including online and independent study courses — are generally accepted for transfer.

UNMC minimum requirement

You must complete a minimum of 20 nursing credits at UNMC to earn a BSN degree.

Satisfy clinical requirements locally

All clinical requirements may be satisfied in your local community or one nearby.

Clinical education affiliations

We have relationships with over 100 health care institutions across Nebraska to provide students a convenient, diverse range of clinical learning.

Your first step

Contact a UNMC CON student services coordinator for a review of your transcripts. This process addresses your questions and quickly tells you where you stand with BSN foundation courses. You can also discuss a plan of study that fits your schedule.