RN to BSN Program Plan of Study

RN to BSN Plan of Study

  Curriculum           CREDITS
  NRSG 351W   Health Promotion   3 0 3
  NRSG 386W   Evidence-Based Nursing Practice & Research   2 0 2
  NRSG 451W   Leadership in Healthcare Delivery I   4 0 4
  NRSG 426W   Nursing Interventions and Healthcare Outcomes   4 0 4
  NRSG 443W   Population-Centered Care   2 2* 4
  NRSG 452W   Leadership in Healthcare Delivery II   3 0 3
      RN to BSN required credits       20
      Prior nursing education / experience / course completion       42
  Graduation   Total BSN required credits       62
*Clinical hours are completed in the student’s own community or one close by. Clinical activities are selected from a variety of options, e.g., working with immigrant, underserved or vulnerable populations providing education in areas such as prenatal care, immunizations, domestic violence, child care, cancer screening.