MSN Leadership Courses - NRSG 650-659

NRSG 651 Health Care Systems and Policy

Evaluation of health care systems and their effect on the health of populations. Emphasis will be on systems theory/thinking, health policy and strategies and the coalition building process to influence systems.  

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 credits (2 asynchronous education/1 clinical)  

NRSG 652 Organizational Improvements

This course is designed to analyze change within organizational units and to apply knowledge of evidence based leadership and management practice to improve outcomes at the microsystem level. The course provides a foundation in facilitating change through the measurement, evaluation and improvement of care delivery.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 603, NRSG 604 or permission of instructor.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 4 credits (2 asynchronous education/2 clinical)  

NRSG 653 Analyzing Issues in Nursing Administration

This course is designed to provide practicum experience with an emphasis on analyzing personal, professional and organizational leadership philophies/practices. Key issues explored include legal and ethical considerations, regulatory issues, risk management concerns, and integrating leadership, management, human resource, and administrative skills into the professional nursing administration practice role.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 2 lab credits

NRSG 654 Introduction to Health Informatics

An introduction to the analysis and evaluation of information needs and information systems in communities and health care organizations. Informatics knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for clinical, administrative, and technical decision making will be emphasized. Clinical, financial, policy, legal, technical and ethical issues concerning healthcare informatics will be discussed.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 604 or permission of instructor.
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 asynchronous education credits

NRSG 655 Health Care Economics and Financial Management

Examination of health care economics, financial planning, analysis, and management with a focus on the role of the nurse leader and/or the DNP practitioner. Key issues explored include health care financing, relationship between finance, economics and quality, accounting principles, and ethics. Central to the course is the clinical application of key principles and methods of financial analysis, cost analysis, budgeting, and business planning.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 3 credits (2 asynchronous education/1 clinical)

NRSG 656 Developing Systems and Infrastructures in Health Care Organizations

Application of leadership and administrative knowledge as they relate to supporting and maintaining the mission of health care organizations, especially at the microsystem and mesosystem levels. Emphasis is on developing leadership skills, analyzing systems to promote transition, and managing units, departments, or programs strategically.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 602, NRSG 603, NRSG 604, NRSG 651, NRSG 652, NRSG 654, NRSG 655, or permission of instructor
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 5 credits (3 asynchronous education/2 clinical)

NRSG 657 Practicum in Managing and Evaluating in Health Care Organizations

Seminar and clinical management and evaluation experiences in a health care organization. Emphasis is on developing leadership, management and evaluation skills, enhancing personal effectiveness, and integrating knowledge into the practice role of a nursing administration specialist.  

PREREQUISITE COURSES: NRSG 651, NRSG 652, NRSG 654, NRSG 655 and NRSG 656 or permission of instructor
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 5 credits (2 asynchronous education/3 clinical)

NRSG 658 Nurse Leader/Executive Clinical Practicum

This course is a variable credit clinical practicum course intended to be taken to address identified gaps in meeting clinical requirements of the Nurse Leader/Executive MSN, PMC, DNP and/or PhD. Emphasis is on providing clinical practicum experiences for the student to develop leadership and systems management skills which enhance human and systems resources and outcomes.

CREDIT ALLOCATION: 1-11 clinical credits

NRSG 659 Special Topics in Nursing Administration

Independent study course exploring selected topics or clinical problems related to Nursing Administration advanced practice. Seminar or clinical practicum format. Topics will vary

PREREQUISITE COURSES: Permission of instructor
CREDIT ALLOCATION: 1-6 asynchronous education credits