DNP - Admission Information

NOTE: State Authorization Regulations for Non-Nebraska Residents

Admission Information - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The DNP is the highest practice-focused degree in nursing, designed to prepare experts in specialized advanced practice nursing or administration. DNP programs focus heavily on practice that is innovative and evidence-based, reflecting the application of credible research findings.    

Application Deadline

Admission is limited and competitive. The application process will open October 1 through January 15 for May program start.   See key dates/calendar.

Admission Requirements to the DNP Program for BSN to DNP students:

Admission Requirements to the DNP program for MSN to DNP students:

Application Requirements to the DNP program include:

Application Review

All applications will be reviewed for evidence of basic qualifications for admission and application to the DNP program, and the most qualified will be invited for a personal or telephone interview by members of the DNP Admissions Committee.  

Admissions will be granted to the most highly qualified applications based on a match of career goals with program resources.

As the nationwide shortage of nurses and primary care physicians deepens with waves of retiring baby Boomers, DNP-degreed APRNs substantially increase their career options and appeal to employers. How? DNPs are uniquely qualified to help remedy the health care deficit on several levels:

Program Overview



Limited Slots annually - Apply as early as possible

The DNP program has limited initial capacity for APRN students per year. Admission is competitive. Applying as soon as possible is to your advantage.