DNP Plan of Study

DNP courses and plans of study:

Our post-master's DNP program is a 35-credit program. It consists of nine courses. Elective courses are also possible, based on a student's career goals and consultation with his/her faculty advisor.

DNP Program Curriculum - Required Coursework for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Full- and part-time plans of study are possible.

NRSG 731 Transformational Leadership Summer 3
BIOS 806 Biostatistics I Fall/Spring 3
NRSG 701 Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Fall 3
EPI 820 Epidemiology Fall, Spring 3
NRSG 709 Health Care Policy Spring 3
NRSG 702 Methods for Assessing Clinical Practice Outcomes Fall 3
NRSG 755 Health Care Economics and Financial Management Fall 3
NRSG 703 Changing Complex Systems to Improve Health Care Delivery
  • 2 didactic credits
  • 2 practicum credits (90 practicum hours)
Spring 4
NRSG 704 Clinical Inquiry Ongoing, after completion of prerequisites Minimum
of 10

Please note: The DNP curriculum will continuously evolve to offer superior preparation for advanced clinical practice. Course numbers, titles and other details are subject to change.