DNP Pre-requisities and Co-requisites
Course Pre-Requisite Co-Requisite
NRSG 731: Transformational Leadership
** May be taken concurrently w/Biostatistics. Pre- or co-requisite for all other DNP courses
None None
BIOS 806 or approved on-line or transfer course credit None Graduate standing, degree-seeking students; a statistics class within 5 years or HED 8080
NRSG 701: Implementing Evidence-Based Practice NRSG 731 Biostatistics
 NRSG 702: Methods for Assessing Clinical Practice Outcomes NRSG 731 NRSG 701
NRSG 709: Health Care Policy NRSG 731 None
NRSG 755: Health Care Economics and Financial Management NRSG 731 None
EPI 820: Epidemiology None None
NRSG 703: Changing Complex Systems to Improve Health Care Delivery NRSG 731
NRSG 701
NRSG 702
NRSG 709
EPI 820
NRSG 704 None None