Welcome to the top tier of U.S. nursing schools

Of the approximately 100 major schools of nursing in the U.S., the UNMC College of Nursing ranks in the top tier, as measured by academic standing and federal research funding.  

Excellence in nursing education since 1917

What does that mean for you? Top-notch-faculty, facilities, curriculum, learning technologies, interdisciplinary clinical education, research opportunities, community engagement and collaborative educational partnerships in the service of health.  

Bachelor's to doctoral and continuing education

Our comprehensive BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD, and continuing education programs prepare you for leadership roles in nursing practice, research, education, health policy and administration. 

Gold standard curriculum

We offer an innovative, interdisciplinary, leading-edge curriculum that reflects recommendations by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The Institute of Medicine, the Carnegie Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — all leading advocates of progressive, evidenced-based health care education. Embedded through the curriculum:

Inquiries most welcome

Browse through our programs information. If you have questions, please contact a student services representative.