MSN Core Curriculum

Preparation for advanced practice, nurse leaders and teachers

The master's program prepares you:

Because of the nursing shortage — and huge waves of retiring baby boomers — all roles will be in heavy demand for years to come.

Required core courses

All MSN students must satisfy these core requirements as part of their chosen specialty track plan of study. 

  Course   Title   Credits
  NRSG 602   Nursing Scholarship   4 cr
  NRSG 603   Leadership in Nursing   3 cr
  NRSG 604   Health Systems Innovation & Improvement   3 cr
  NRSG 609   Health Promotion for Populations   3 cr
  VARIOUS *   Graduate Statistics   3 cr
          16 cr

* Not offered by College of Nursing but available through University of Nebraska system, including UNMC (BIOS 806 - Biostatistics I). Or you may take at/through any accredited college/university. Ask a student services representative for current list of approved transfer courses.

Next step: choose your specialty track

MSN specialty tracks

Nurse educator training