Why UNMC for your MSN?

12 reasons to choose UNMC for your MSN degree:

1. Excellence

Excellent pass rates on national board exam.  

2. Top-tier federal research funding

Consistently ranked in the top tier of federal research funding by the National Institutes of Health. What does that mean to you as a master's student? The UNMC College of Nursing has top-caliber faculty who directly influence tomorrow's nursing education, practice, systems and patient outcomes through advanced research and publication.  

3. Progression flexibility — full or part-time plans of study

You can finish full time in 4 semesters — or take up to 5 years part time to complete your MSN degree. Most of our students choose a part-time path of study that fits around their work and family schedules.  

4. Online study flexibility — anytime, anywhere

If you have an internet connection, you're all set to earn your degree. Plan your program of study around your work and family schedule with our vast, on-demand digital learning buffet. Read more.  

5. Choice of 8 specialty tracks — with nurse educator option

MSN specialty tracks
Nurse educator option
Focus on a clinical specialty, with the option of adding nurse educator courses if you plan a faculty career.

6. Satisfy clinical requirements locally — near you

You may fulfill clinical requirements in your community or one nearby, at local health facilities with local preceptors. We'll guide you in arranging sites, schedules and instructors.  

7. Personal attention — low student-faculty ratio

The College has about one nursing faculty member for every six - eight students. That means close academic guidance, frequent student-teacher interaction and ready access to professional mentoring.  

8. Full orientation starts you on a successful path of study

Upon admission, you'll meet faculty members in your chosen specialty and plan a personalized course of study that fits your goals and schedule. You'll also become familiar with our educational resources, distance technologies, web applications and UNMC support systems, including intranet, email, library, student services, IT support and more.  

9. Your mentors: distinguished faculty who lead their fields

Our faculty includes nationally recognized teachers, researchers and practitioners with a prodigious record of scholarly publication and research grants. Many are well-known authorities often cited for advancing their fields — especially in cardiac, cancer, wound, pressure ulcer, palliative and end-of-life care as well as multi-discipline, holistic programs for rural and underserved populations via distance technologies and collaborations with local health professionals.  

10. Diverse international enrollment

Our web-based master's program attracts students from across the nation and globe, reflecting all colors and cultures. MSN enrollment is close to 300; male enrollment is about 10% and rapidly increasing.  

11. Visionary, progressive, student-centered curriculum

The UNMC College of Nursing has fully recalibrated its master's curriculum to reflect the fast-changing demands of modern nursing.   New learning approaches and distance-delivery provisions incorporate recommendations by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, The Institute of Medicine, the Carnegie Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — all leading advocates of progressive, evidenced-based health care education.   The result: A comprehensive MSN curriculum centered on student learning, patient outcomes and best-practices care propelled by advanced nursing systems.   Curriculum enhancement will continue full speed as part of the College's commitment to continuous quality improvement.   

12. An evidence-based, interdisciplinary, holistic approach

At UNMC, the focus is on dynamic learning, critical thinking, independent clinical judgment, interprofessional training, evidence-based treatment and the 360-degee patient. Tomorrow's nurses must be nimble leaders — ready for change, quick to adapt, fast to respond. They must be sentinels of care quality and patient safety, ever alert to prevent, spot and remedy errors within their patients' entire health care delivery.   If all that sounds like the MSN nurse you want to be, welcome to UNMC.

If all that sounds like the MSN nurse you want to be, welcome to UNMC.