Nurse Leader/Executive - PMC

Postmaster's Certificate


Nurse Leader/Executive

dba Nursing Administration

Program of study — full time and part-time options  
Plan of study PMC — Nurse Leader/Executive  
Course # Title Credits
NRSG 651 Health Care Systems and Policy 3
NRSG 652 Organizational Improvements 4
NRSG 653 Analyzing Issues in Nursing Administration 2
NRSG 654 Introduction to Health Informatics 3
NRSG 655 Health Economics and Financial Management 3
NRSG 656 Developing Systems and Infrastructures in Health Care Organizations 5
NRSG 657 Practicum in Managing and Evaluating in Health Care Organizations 5
  TOTAL for Nurse Leader/Executive PMC 25
PMC plans of study may vary by student — based on prior MSN courses taken and intended specialty practice. A faculty advisor in your new chosen specialty can provide guidance. For details, talk to a graduate student services representative.