Pediatric Primary & Acute Care NP - PMC

Postmaster's Certificate


Pediatric Primary & Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

dba Children's Health Nursing
The Pediatric Primary & Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Dual specialty is engaged in a Collaborative with the nursing programs from the University of Kansas City Missouri (UMKC) and the University of Iowa (UI). The expertise of the faculty will provide the needed context to frame the essential content related to management of the acute care pediatric clients. All clinical practicum arrangements are the responsibility of the faculty at the home institution. This innovative Collaborative allows all institutions to provide a robust curriculum to students while effectively capitalizing on available PNP-AC faculty resources to meet the needs for expanding clinical roles across the Midwest.  
Program of study —part-time only  
Plan of study PMC — Pediatric Primary & Acute Care Nurse Practitioner  
Course # Title Credits
NRSG 605 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nurses I 3
NRSG 606 Advanced Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nurses 3
NRSG 607 Advanced Assessment Across the Life Span 3
NRSG 671 Primary Care and Health Promotion in Children's Health 5
NRSG 672 Primary Care of Children II: Acute Health Problems 5
NRSG 673 Primary Care of Children III: Chronic Health Problems 6
NRSG 684 Advanced Women's and Children's Health Nursing Practicum 6
NRSG 688 Special Topics in Crinical Care (Clinical) 6
UI 6400 Acute Care Pediatrics I 3
UI 6401 Acute Care Pediatrics II 3
  TOTAL for Pediatric Primary & Acute Nurse Practitioner PMC 43
PMC plans of study may vary by student — based on prior MSN courses taken and intended specialty practice. A faculty advisor in your new chosen specialty can provide guidance. For details, talk to a graduate student services representative.