Online Learning

The benefits of online learning are many. With the latest technology and course delivery methods, UNMC's online learning opportunities offer students the chance to experience self-directed learning and keep their technology skills on the cutting edge. In addition students can learn anywhere, at any time. Some online classes are synchronous (scheduled, at the same time), while others are offered asynchronously, meaning you can access course materials at a time that's convenient for you.

Learn about the technology competencies you should have.

Faculty and Students share their experiences with online learning

What it might be like to take an online course, what skills and strategies do you need when you are studying online, what makes you a successful online student?

Staying Motivated
1:19 PLAY

Time Management and Commitment - Student

Time Management and Commitment - Instructor




Collaborating On-Line 5:08 PLAY
Study Anywhere Anytime 2:26 PLAY
Nursing Degree at UNMC 4:37 PLAY
Organizing, Scheduling and Planning



What's Challenging ?