Tuition and Refund Policies

UNMC Tuition Rates

Delinquent Tuition/Fees Policy

A notification email is sent to students regarding tuition statements on the 10th day of the term. The total amount is due by the date on the billing statement. When the account is not paid by the due date, late fees and university holds are placed on accounts and on the fourth day a second bill is mailed to the student "return receipt restricted". With this second billing statement, the following information will go to the student:

* A formal payment agreement will not be considered for students who receive adequate financial aid dollars. A formal payment agreement constitutes a written document signed by the student which would include the total amount owed and a schedule of payments not to exceed the length of the term. No modifications can be made to this agreement. Student cannot miss or be late with a scheduled payment, or they will be subject to disenrollment.

Refund Policy/Schedule

Fall and spring terms
First week of term: 100%
Second week: 75%
Third week: 50%
Fourth week: 25%
After fourth week: 0%
Summer terms
Five week
First three days of term: 100%
Remainder of first week: 50%
Second week: 25%
Third week: 0%
Eight week
First three days of term: 100%
Remainder of first week: 75%
Second week: 50%
Third week: 25%
Fourth week: 0%

There will be no exceptions. Refund schedule applies to tuition only, not to any fees or charges assessed in addition to tuition.