Student Posters

Spring 2014 NRSG 609 Health Promotion for Populations Posters

Music Therapy in Elderly Patients
Fallon Leahy, Yoomi Lee, Margaret Hegen, Melissa Hiebner, Megan Stitt

Interventions to increase farm related hearing loss knowledge of selected rural Nebraska farmers and their families
Nicholle S. Bruhn, RN, BSN, Cassandra A. Munoz, RN, BSN, Samantha L. Lowther, RN, BSN, Ashley M. Vontz, RN, BSN, & Mary M. Ursick, RN, BSN

Increasing compliance of Influenza vaccine administration in peri-pregnant women
Diedra Artz, Meghan Freeze, Brianna Maliszewski, Sarah Marnach, & Rachel Verby

Faith-Based Physical Activity Promotion
Barry S. Berumen, BSN, RN, Suzanne R. Briggs, BSN, RN, Laura P. Golwitzer, BSN, RN, Krista A. Leasure, BSN, RN, and Tonya E. Schroeder, BSN, RN, OCN

Stretching Program to Decrease Work-Related Injuries in Meat Packing Plant Employees
Kelsey Claar, Leah Lienemann, Jessica Meyers, Jill Stahlecker, & Anne Wallman

Stress Management in the Homeless Population
Jennifer Bierbaum, Chelsea Hiemer Erin Simanic, and Jacob Smith

Chair Massage Policy
Jaimie Masters, Nicole Molczyk, Amy Pandorf, Dara Ramirez, Mary Thompson, Megan VerMaas

Depression Prevention in Military Spouses: Determining, Implementing, Preventing, Evaluating
John Harnisch, Taya O’Brien, Corey Ritchie, Whitney Shawver