CaringGuidance Research Study

Can this program guide me through the daily stresses of a new diagnosis?

CaringGuidance™ is a program intended to provide tools to guide women through their questions & concerns in the months after a breast cancer diagnosis.

CaringGuidance™ is accessed privately on a home computer or mobile device to allow you to go through at your own pace.

CaringGuidance™ provides psychologist, oncologist and breast cancer survivor supported advice through videos of survivors and families, text and tools for daily issues such as:
  • Talking with people about your new diagnosis
  • Receiving and accepting support
  • Dealing with unsupportive things people say and do
  • Body changes and image
  • Moving forward
  • Advice to help your family
CaringGuidance™ program is part of a research study available to women:
  • Who have been diagnosed within the past 3 months
  • Have early stage breast cancer (stages 0-IIIA)
  • Have access to a computer or mobile device, e-mail and internet access
  • Live in a Rural area of the United States
50% of participants will have access to the program for 3 months. All participants complete a monthly survey, log how they feel and get a 10 minute monthly phone call.

Volunteers are compensated
  Sneak Peek (brief 3 min video)

“I wish I could have had something like this when I was first diagnosed because I was not really sure who to ask questions at the time. I can see this tool being useful in answering questions that have not yet come to mind when first diagnosed”

“It felt very personal which was helpful to me. … I feel like the topic(s) were spot on to working through and thinking about the emotions and worries I felt when first diagnosed”

Contact Us
Robin Lally, PhD, RN, AOCN
Nurse Researcher
P: 402-559-5464

Amy Clark, PhD, MSW/LCSW
Project Study Specialist
P: 402-559-2268

IRB#140-17. CaringGuidance™ was developed through a grant from the American Cancer Society. Copyright 2016 The Research Foundation of The State University of New York. Current research funded by the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.