University of Nebraska Medical Center

Post Doctoral & Mentorship Core

The Post Doctoral and Mentorship Core provides the infrastructure and home for College of Nursing postdoctoral scholars engaged in the science of prevention and/or self-management of chronic illness for patients or caregivers. Additionally, this Core engages with entities throughout the University of Nebraska to support mentorship of faculty and graduate students in the development as scientists.

Post Doctoral Core Goals:

  • Advertise open College of Nursing postdoctoral positions as requested through the Associate Dean for Research
  • Answer questions, screen and preliminarily interview applicants providing input on post-doc selection to hiring faculty
  • Assess the post-doc’s semi-annual and annual achievement of milestones & assess the mentor/mentee relationship
  • Respond to requests from the Office of Post-doctoral Education
  • Develop a T32 application to support a future postdoctoral program

Mentorship Core Goals:

  • Continue to collaborate on UNMC level with mentorship initiatives
  • Determine needed mentorship activities for Center members of all Cores
  • Work with Research & Scholarship Core to develop mentorship education
  • Engage in scholarship on mentoring best practices, lessons learned, etc.

Currently Recruiting

Post-Doctoral Opening in Critical Care

Best-ICU Study

Post-Doctoral Opening in Cardiovascular Care