Perinatal and Postpartum App Work


Building on our knowledge of apps, there is a high need to identify ways to identify and provide support for mothers who are in this very important stage of their life. Stemming from what we have learned from our previous app work, we sought to identify what perinatal/postpartum mobile app tools exist now which can meet the needs of this group. Unfortunately, apps exist in research and in the public domain, but many of them do not meet the standards that we would like to see when using these tools in practice. Such as risk for privacy concerns, lack of updates, or cost prohibitive. Subsequently, we are working on asking mothers if they would use an app for this time in their life and, if so… what they would want to see in this app. The results of this information will inform our next steps in developing or adapting a mobile app tool to meet the needs of these mothers.

Learn more about our work related to Perinatal Depression in this brief video: Smartphone App Interventions


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