Meet Our Team


Kristin Dickinson, PhD, RN, OCN

Assistant Professor

Research Role: Principle Investigator

Hometown: Rickmond, VA

Inspiration for Research: My first job as a new registered nurse was on an inpatient oncology unit. Working on this unit and interacting with the patients and families there provided me with a deeper understanding of the clinical issues influencing the health-related quality of life of patients with cancer. I realized that I wanted to understand more about cancer symptoms and quality of life. Fatigue was of special interest to me because it is such a pervasive symptom, yet so little is known about it. Therefore, cancer-related fatigue became the focus of my program of research.

Interesting Fact: I love the outdoors, especially camping and fishing. Currently, I am learning to fly fish!


Shaye Sisneros, BA, BSN, RN-BC

BSN to DNP Student

Research Role: Research Assistant

Hometown: Gothenburg, NE

Inspiration for Research: Helping care for sick family members inspired me to enter the nursing field, and my life-long interest in the scientific method led me to research. I’m so lucky to be able to practice both of these passions of mine together!

Interesting Fact: I have travelled to 9 different countries!


Andy Lim, BSN, RN

BSN to PhD Student

Research Role: Research Assistant

Hometown: Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Inspiration for Research: I have always been interested in research as I am naturally curious and always trying to inquire about how things work. My experience with cancer both in my family and in the clinical setting have made this area very dear to me. Being a member of LGBT+ community navigating heath care has also opened my eyes to the glaring disparity. Eventually, I hope my research will help narrow the gap in cancer disparity in this population.

Interesting Fact: I grew bacterial cultures as part of my job as a lab assistant while going through nursing school! My favorite? E. coli