About Us

Get to know the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Department Leadership:

Carl V. Smith, MD

Carl V. Smith, MD - Chair, the Distinguished Chris J. and Marie A. Olson Professor of Clinical Investigation in Obstetrics and Gynecology; Chief Academic Officer, Nebraska Medicine; Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs; president, Olson Center for Women’s Health Advisory Committee

Steve Remmenga, MD

Steve Remmenga, MD - vice chairman; The McClure L. Smith MD Professor of Gynecological Oncology; Medical Director, Quality and Compliance, Nebraska Medicine

Karen Carlson, MD

Karen Carlson, MD - vice-chair for medical student and community education

Teresa Berg, MD

Teresa Berg, MD - The McGoogan Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology; director, maternal-fetal medicine; medical director, Labor & Delivery; Dyad Leader- Women's Services Nebraska Medicine

Jennifer Griffin, MD

Jennifer Griffin, MD - associate program director, residency; medical director, Olson Center for Women's Health outpatient clinic; director, General Obstetrics and Gynecology; medical director, Gynecology

Kerry Rodabaugh, MD

Kerry Rodabaugh, MD - director, gynecologic oncology; medical director, Medical-Legal Partnership; medical director, Buffett Cancer Center Gynecology Oncology

John Davis, PhD

John Davis, PhD - director, research and development, Olson Center for Women’s Health

Laura Cudzilo, MD

Laura E. Cudzilo, MD - director, residency


Amie Hollard, MD - director, M3 Clerkship

Ramzy S. Nakad, MD

Ramzy S. Nakad, MD - medical director - Prenatal Diagnostic Center

Tricia Fredericks, MD

Tricia Fredericks, MD - assistant director, M4 elective curriculum

Dr. Kelsie Cabrera

Kelsie Cabrera, DO - assistant director, M3 Clerkship


Calida Gardner, CNM, MSN - lead midwife, Nebraska Medicine


Rick Blum - chief department administrator; director, Olson Center for Women's Health outpatient clinics

Lindsay Davis

Lindsey Davis, RN – clinic manager, Olson Center outpatient clinics

Sarah Bashus

Sarah Bashus, RN - ambulatory supervisor, Olson Center outpatient clinics

Shylo Tracy-Bartunek

Shylo Tracy-Bartunek, LPN – ambulatory supervisor, Olson Center outpatient clinics

Lana Molczyk

Lana Molczyk – director, Olson Women’s Health Resource Center

Amanda Schraut

Amanda Schraut – lead social worker

Absent for picture day

Kim Albaugh – lead, Prenatal Diagnostic Center


Department Emphasis:
• Accredited four-year residency program;
• Third-year medical student clerkship;
• Robust, collaborative women’s health research enterprise;
• Service to the underserved;
• Entrepreneurial, integrated faculty-resident clinical practice;
• An environment to attract and retain the best health care professionals.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology by the Numbers:
• 17 residents; 4 per year are generally selected from over 200 applications
• 24 MD faculty
• 5 PhD faculty
• 13 advanced practice providers 
• 68 adjunct faculty
• 10 affiliate hospitals (Nebraska Medicine, VA, Methodist, Children's, Charles Drew Health Center, St. Elizabeths-Lincoln, CMH-Syracuse, York General-York NE, Cass County-Atlantic IA, Shenandoah Medical Center, IA)
• 3 Nebraska Medicine clinic sites
• 10 outreach clinic sites

Research Highlights:
• Our mission is to advance knowledge of women’s health and cancer while training the next generation of scientists and facilitating collaborative interactions among clinicians and basic scientists.
• Specifically, we focus on understanding female fertility and menopause, as well as understanding the devastating nature of ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancers.
• It is our hope that discoveries associated with these scientific pursuits will translate to innovative approaches to improve women’s health and ultimately improved care for women.
• We have three basic science research laboratories, which are funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Veterans Affairs, The National Institute for Food and Agriculture, the University of Nebraska Foundation, the State of Nebraska, and the Olson Center for Women’s Health.
• Our group has attracted $14.5 million in research funding in the last ten years.
• We published 19 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals in 2017-2018.
• The heads of these labs and the research they conduct include: John S. Davis, PhD, signal transduction pathways that govern cell proliferation; Shyamal K. Roy, PhD, follicle morphogenesis during perinatal development; So-Youn Kim, PhD, Oncofertility
• Clinical Research – We are members of the NRG / Gynecologic Oncology Group, which is affiliated with the National Cancer Institute. We strive to aggressively pursue novel clinical therapies for our cancer patients. Kerry Rodabaugh, MD, is the principal investigator for the GOG contract.
• Resident Research – Each resident is required to pursue a research project during their four years of residency. Our physician faculty play prominent roles in resident research by serving as faculty advisors.

The Olson Center for Women’s Health
Founded in 1993 through the generosity of the late Dr. Leland J. Olson and his wife, Dorothy, the Olson Center provides ongoing funding for community education, research, and novel clinical programs.

Under the umbrella of UNMC, it is directed by a seven-member external advisory board. Learn more about the board here.

A long-standing goal of the donors was reached in 2007 with the opening of the Olson Center for Women’s Health outpatient facility on the UNMC campus. This center is nationally unique, combining specialty and general OB-GYN, general internal medicine, prenatal diagnosis, endocrinology, physical therapy, mammography/women’s imaging, and a robust patient resource center in a single location. There is a branch location within the medical office building on the Village Pointe campus.  Visit the Olson Center for Women's Health web page.

The Olson Women’s Health Resource Center has served over a million people through seminars, luncheons, and educational publications since it opened in 1994.