Women's Health Resource Center

Since 1994, the Women's Health Resource Center originally was a small office housing staff only.  Now the new Resource Center is a walk-in open-facility located right off the Olson Center waiting room.  Housing over 200 brochures, an extensive resource library, a computer terminal for patients to research educational websites, and a full-time staff, the Resource Center has truly become a valued addition to the Ob/Gyn Department.  The Resource Center continues to provide women's health education to the community, patients, health care providers, and students in the Omaha area, regionally and internationally.  Lana Molczyk, Christin McDermott, Tammy Dawdy, and Deb Vaca provide educational services and products to all guests.  We also provide our services and many products in Spanish. 

To contact the Resource Center, please call 402-559-6345.