Grading Structure

Grading Policy

The grading policy may be found on the College of Medicine webpage.

Grade Source Percentage of Final Grade Points Possible
Clinical Grade 50%

Honors: 50.0 points
High Pass: 42.0 points
Pass: 34.0 points

Surgery Presentation 5% Honors: 5 points
High Pass: 4 points
Pass: 3 points
Patient Encounter Log and H&P 5% PEL: 3 points
H&P: 2 points
Shelf Exam 40% Scaled Percentile Score

Final OB-GYN Clerkship Grade

The student's final grade is then determined as:

Our department complies with the College of Medicine's recommended grade distribution of:

20% = Honors; 30% = High Pass; 50% = Pass

Therefore, at the end of the academic year, there may be adjustments made to some of the passing student grades to fit this distribution per the College of Medicine’s recommendation. Grades may be adjusted upward, but grades would not be adjusted downward based on this distribution.

Failing Grades

Students who receive a fail for the clinical portion of the grade will receive a ‘fail’ for the final OB-GYN rotation grade. Students who receive <1st percentile on the shelf exam will fail the exam and will be given an opportunity to retake the shelf exam.

Grade Appeals

All students have the right to appeal a clerkship grade and/or comments for the Dean’s letter. Your initial request must be made by contacting the Clerkship Coordinator via e-mail. Requests must be made within 30 days of grades being sent to the students. A grade appeal committee will convene to review the appeal for grade changes.