M3 Students

Welcome to the OB-GYN 3rd Year Medical Student Rotation

Obstetrics and gynecology offers the unique ability to care for women throughout their lifetime.  We provide care to women from pediatrics/adolescent-aged individuals through their reproductive years and on into the menopausal timeframe.  We are able to blend a lasting doctor-patient relationship with the women we serve.  And, often this relationship may carry over several generations of women within a family.  Our specialty offers a unique blend of medicine and surgery and several sub-specialties within this field.

While not every student on the rotation may choose obstetrics and gynecology as a field of practice, almost every one will take care of women in some aspect during their medical careers.  One of our goals is to introduce students to the breadth of the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology.  We also want to share and to help instill our passion for women's healthcare that we all share.

We hope that you enjoy your experience on the rotation and have fun learning!

Amie Hollard, MD

Amie Hollard, MD
Student Clerkship Director