Note to Methodist Students

A Note to M3's assigned to Methodist Hospital

During the rotation, some students may be assigned to the Methodist Women's Hospital for their two-week Obstetrics block. The supervising Obstetric and Gynecology residents at Methodist Hospital will help provide direction and teaching for the UNMC students. The assigned faculty are: Drs. LeVine, Foley, Robertson, Bonebrake, and Hamill. 

Orientation for Methodist will be held the afternoon of orientation day following UNMC orientation. Details regarding the location and time will be given at the UNMC orientation. You will receive parking passes/pager at orientation. If you have further questions regarding your Methodist assignment, please call 402-559-8133 or email Kristi Dziatkowski.

Those assigned to Methodist will be contacted prior to the rotation to complete some additional paperwork and safety training required prior to the start of the rotation.