M4 Electives

Electives for M4 Students

Advanced Inpatient Obstetrics

OB Inpatient/Outpatient Elective:
Learn about care of the high-risk OB patient. Inpatient daily rounds, on-call for labor and delivery, ultrasound observation, and participation in perinatal conference. Participate in high-risk OB planning seminars as well as high-risk clinic.
Faculty contact: Dr. Paul Tomich

REI Elective:
The student will participate in the initial evaluation of patients with reproductive endocrinopathies and/or infertility. The student will observe pelvic ultrasounds and hysterosalpingograms; s/he will assist with operative procedures including operative laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and procedures involving assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Students will also have the opportunity to observe the function of the ART/andrology laboratory including semen analyses and the laboratory process of in vitro fertilization. A presentation on a relevant topic of the student's choice is required during the rotation.
Faculty contact: Dr. Victoria Maclin 

Review of gynecologic malignancies and their treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Assist on gynecologic oncology surgical cases and participate on inpatient rounds. Discuss management of new and follow-up patients for follow-up in clinic. Participate in GYN cancer, dysplasia, and pathology conferences. A paper/presentation is required during the rotation. Faculty contact: Dr. Steve Remmenga and Dr. Kerry Rodabaugh

The fourth-year student has the opportunity to attend the departmental clinics of their choice. The weekly schedule is determined by both the student and the chief resident with a goal of including a variety of clinical settings including family planning and outreach clinics at North Omaha and UNMC Community Health Center. The student is expected to prepare a case discussion on a topic of his/her choice to present during the last week of the elective.
Faculty contact: Dr. Katherine Finney

A wide variety of research opportunities exist in the department including both clinical and basic science research. For more information on clinical research in family planning, obstetrics, or gynecology, you are encouraged to meet with individual clinical faculty members. The following pages can provide more information on basic science research currently taking place in the following labs:

Ultrasound Elective
An outpatient ultrasound experience working with the sonographers and MFM physicians in the Prenatal Diagnostic Center at the Olson Center/Nebraska Medical Center.  Students will learn basic ultrasound skills which will include hands on scanning including one to two genetic counseling appointments with ultrasound each week.  A presentation on an ultrasound topic chosen by the student and presented at Perinatal Conference the third or fourth week of the rotation is encourage. 
Faculty contact:  Dr. Paul Tomich