2017 Resident Projects

All residents will complete a longitudinal research project during their four years of residency training. Residents are expected to actively engage in department and program activities associated with scholarly activity and continued education journal club and Life Long Learning Modules. Faculty advisors are utilized to assist residents in their research endeavors.

Current UNMC OB/GYN Resident Research Projects

Kelsie Cabrera, DO, MS, HOI - “Postpartum Opioid Use and the Effect of Meds to Beds” Advisors: Josh Dahlke, MD and Sonja Kinney, MD
Elizabeth Hultgren, MD, PhD, HOI - “Trainee Participation and Pathological Outcomes in LEEP Procedures” Advisor: Sean Tubens, MD
Casey Sautter, MD, MSc, HOI - “The Impact of Opening an Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic at UNMC” Advisor: N. Jean Amoura, MD, MSc
Luke Wenzel, DO, HOI - “Accessibility and Usage of Ulipristal Acetate in Nebraska” Advisor: Laura Cudzilo-Kelsey, MD
Emily Abele, MD, HOII - “OB/GYN Medical Student Learning Styles and the Teaching Styles of Their Preceptors” Advisor: Karen Carlson, MD
Marissa Decker, MD, HOII - “Assessing Barriers to Breastfeeding at Medical Institutions” Advisor: Katherine Finney, MD
Pam Jordi, MD, HOII - “Patient Satisfaction in an Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident’s Clinic” Advisor: Karen Carlson, MD
Marisa Fumiye Shiode, MD, HOII - “Breast Cancer Risk Assessment” Advisor: Jennifer Griffin-Miller, MD
Melissa Deer, DO, HOIII - “Resident and Staff Perceptions of Mastering the OBGYN Milestones” Advisor: Sonja Kinney, MD
Kimberly S. Huhmann, MD, HOIII - “Antenatal Childbirth Class Attendance Association with Breastfeeding Rates in Nebraska Mothers Following Their First Live Birth” Advisor: Libby Crockett, MD
Jenna Rehmer, MD, HOIII - “Relationship Between Male Age and Success of Vasectomy Reversal” “Female Partner Demographics of Men Seeking Vasectomy Reversal” Advisors: Christopher M. Deibert, MD, MPH and Stephanie L. Gustin, MD
Kirstin R. Sholes, MD, HOIII - “Evaluation of the Clinical Use of Recommendations for the Prevention of Primary Cesarean Delivery” Advisors: Joshua D. Dahlke, MD and Laura E. Cudzilo, MD