Resident Research Day 2021

The OB-GYN residents participated in the 34th annual Resident Research Day on June 4, 2021, in the Eppley Science Hall. The morning started with Carl Smith, MD, chairman of the department, and
Jean Amoura, MD, MS, director of the resident research program, giving an introduction and welcome. The five first-year residents presented overviews of their research projects, and those in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to each of them.  The four fourth-year (and soon-to-be graduating!) residents and one third-year resident have completed their projects.  They had the opportunity to showcase their research posters in the lobby during the refreshment break and then provided the audience with oral presentations of their projects.  

The program for the resident research day is available here, and pictures from this momentous occasion are below. We want to congratulate all of the residents on their research efforts, from those just beginning to the projects in progress to those that have completed them.  As they learn over the course of their residency education, an understanding of scientific research is vital to the practice of medicine and enables our graduates to keep pace with the ever-changing best practices in health care. 

Liz Kastrick, MD Gerson Manriquez, MD
Liz Kastrick, MD, HOI
"Trikafta Contraceptive Counseling and Practices"
Gerson Manriquez, MD, HOI
"Outpatient Cervical Ripening: Friend or Foe?"
Jordan McColm, MD Sydney Randall, MD
Jordan McColm, MD, HOI
"Assessment of Cervical Epithelium in Trans Men Undergoing Hysterectomy"
Sydney Randall, MD, HOI
"Improving Ankyloglossia Identification and Management Via Frenotomy at Nebraska Medicine: A Quality Improvement"
Macy Walz, MD Taylar Swartz, DO, HOIII
Macy Walz, MD, HOI
"Fetal Growth Restriction Outcomes Defined by Estimated Fetal Weight vs Isolated Abdominal"
Taylar Swartz, DO, HOIII
"A Call for More Holistic Approaches: Physician Mothers Responses to the Lived Experience of Early Pregnancy Loss"
Alissa Burchell, MD Anna Gorman, DO
Alissa Burchell, MD, HOIV
"Evaluation of the Clinical Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids in Late Preterm Women at Risk for Preterm"
Anna Gorman, DO, HOIV
"The Impact of Meds to Beds on Postpartum Opioid Use"
Melissa Mathes, MD Garth Summers, DO
Melissa Mathes, MD, HOIV
"How Low is Too Low? Post-wash Total Motile Sperm Count Effect on Pregnancy Outcomes in Intrauterine Insemination"
Garth Summers, DO, HOIV
"Does GnRH Agonist Treatment in Patients with Abnormal Expression of BCL6 and/or Beta 3 Integrin Restore Implantation Rates to a Comparative Level with Those Patients Without Known Endometrial Receptivity Abnormalities? An Interim Analysis."

First-year residents
First-year residents (left to right): Liz Kastrick, MD, Sydney Randall, MD,
Gerson Manriquez, MD, Macy Walz, MD and Jordan McColm, MD
Second-year residents
Second-year residents (left to right): Rosa Cancino, MD, Lexi Rudnick, MD, 
Kassie Frith, DO, and Anna Adamson, MD
Third-year residents
Third-year residents (left to right): Carly Jennings, MD, Dana Marsh, MD,
and Taylar Swartz, DO. Not pictured: Emma Bye, MD
Fourth-year residents
Fourth-year residents (left to right): Garth Summers, DO, Alissa Burchell, MD,
Anna Gorman, MD, and Melissa Mathes, MD
OB-GYN Residents and Dr. Griffin
OB-GYN Residents and Jennifer Griffin, MD (current residency program director)
OB-GYN Residents
OB-GYN Residents