Research and Quality Improvement

Resident Research and Quality Improvement

All residents are required to participate in research and to present their active project at Resident’s Research and Quality ImprovementResearch Day in June. There are other opportunities for scholarly activity including journal club, departmental, local, and regional presentations, publication of case reports, and participation in other research activities in or outside the department.

All residents also participate in Quality Improvement projects during their training. The goals of this part of the program are for the residents to develop an understanding of clinical research and its application to the practice of medicine, and for the residents to understand the requirements of human research. The residents will develop written and verbal communication skills by verbally presenting a research project, and they will also develop an improved understanding of statistical evaluation of data.

The UNMC Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) supports resident research and quality improvement with the Education Research Collaborative that offers support for such things as study design, data collection and research analysis. Also see: 1. GME Research Journal. 2. GME Research Symposium

Each resident works with a faculty advisor on their project, who in turn works with the research director and the program director for advice and guidance.

In the history of the residency program, a wide spectrum of topics have been researched by residents and a few of these are:

UNMC OB-GYN Resident Publications

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