Weekly Events


7:00 a.m., Tuesday
MSC 2018
Faculty Leader - Steven W. Remmenga, MD

Attended by - Faculty Gyn-Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Ob/Gyn residents, Oncology nurse, Oncology fellow, Medical students

Description - The focus of this multi disciplinary conference is on the management of patients with gynecologic malignancies. A case conference format will be used. Cases for presentation will be chosen several days in advance. A synoptic (one page) narrative of the patient's history, physical, diagnostic work-up and surgical findings will be prepared by the Chief Resident. Pathology materials and selected radiographs will be reviewed. The Chief Resident will present appropriate treatment options including a summary of pertinent literature to support their recommendations. A generalized discussion of the patient management will then be led by a gynecologic oncology faculty member during which comments and questions from those in attendance are requested.


  1. The resident will be able to classify the stage and prognosis of patients with gynecologic cancers.
  2. The resident will be able to formulate treatment plans and demonstrate knowledge of the medical literature to support their plan.
  3. The resident will be able to identify the potential complications of cancer treatment.
  4. The resident will actively participate in the planning and ultimately the management of patients with gynecologic cancers.


7:30 a.m., Tuesday
MSC 2018
Faculty Leader - Maternal-Fetal Medicine Faculty

Attended by - MFM Faculty, Ob/Gyn residents, Nursing support for High Risk clinic, DEM nurse/physician

Description - This weekly working conference is intended to discuss the case management of current complicated pregnancies to be seen in Thursday afternoon high-risk clinic or in other resident clinics as needed. Discussion is led by the chief resident and based on the patients presenting to clinic in the next week. It is a multi-discipline interaction including the faculty, nurses, social workers and nutritionists.


  1. The resident will identify pregnancy risk factors and be able to discuss the etiology and pathophysiology of maternal diseases.
  2. The resident will be able to formulate treatment plans and demonstrate knowledge of the medical literature to support their plan.


1:00 p.m., Wednesday
MSC 2018
Faculty Leader - Carl V. Smith, M.D.

Attended by - Ob/Gyn faculty and residents, all students on the service, and open to any medical provider

Description – This weekly formal lecture series deals with topics of current interest in obstetrics and gynecology. Each session is assigned to a faculty member, resident physician, or speaker from outside of the department well in advance. The fourth Wednesday of each month is reserved for resident Grand Rounds presentations. Each resident is expected to present a complete 50 minute discussion of a topic, allowing 10 minutes for questions. It is required that residents identify and utilize a faculty advisor for their Grand Rounds. The faculty advisor should be present at the time of the presentation to allow for faculty and resident interaction. The residents will sign up for their Grand Rounds dates prior to July 1. The resident responsible for a Grand Rounds session will be reminded approximately one month in advance of the approaching date. At that time a title and objectives for the Grand Rounds will need to be turned in to Dr. Smith’s secretary (In July, Grand Rounds is replaced with other educational events)


  1. Develop skills needed to assemble information in a concise and organized manner to allow for sharing of knowledge.
  2. Improve communication skills.


2:00 p.m., Wednesday
MSC 2018
Faculty Leader - Carl V. Smith, MD

Attended by - All OB/GYN faculty and residents, Family Practice/Emergency Medicine residents assigned to service and fourth year medical students as invited.

Description - This case conference is designed for a discussion of the patients cared for the department services from the past week. The service chief will submit the patient case list for this time prior to the meeting. The four services to present on a weekly basis are: Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Endocrinology. Participants will maintain a code of conduct consistent with respect for the speakers. All extraneous conversations will be moved out of the room. Discussions will be based on the theoretic evaluation and management of patients. On the last Wednesday of each month the senior resident will present a difficult or interesting case for discussion highlighting the critical elements of the patients medical course.


  1. The senior resident will demonstrate the ability to discuss the evaluation of patients in a concise step-wise fashion.
  2. The senior resident will be able to critically evaluate management plans with evidence-based medicine as available.
  3. All residents will demonstrate knowledge of the evaluation, mechanism of disease and management of patients with surgical and medical conditions in gynecology and obstetrics.


7:00 a. m., Friday
Olson Center Classroom
Faculty Leader - Teresa G. Berg, MD

Attended by - Ob/Gyn Faculty, Genetics, Neonatal Services, Radiology/ Ultrasound students, and Residents on Obstetrics and Gynecology rotations at Nebraska Medical Center and with Oncology directed topics the Residents on the Gynecologic Oncology rotation

Description - This is a weekly teaching conference focusing on diagnostic imaging and genetic tests utilized in obstetrics and gynecology. Available imaging and diagnostic techniques for pelvic disease, fetal anatomy, genetic screening and diagnosis in pregnancy, and gynecologic malignancies will be discussed following a 1 to 2 year curriculum to assure that topics relevant to resident education are covered. A multi-disciplinary approach is utilized when appropriate with participation from pediatric surgery, neonatology, genetics, and radiology, for the comprehensive care of the fetus and newborn.


  1. Perform and identify appropriate imaging in obstetrics and gynecology.
  2. Identify common fetal findings on ultrasound.
  3. Recognize and use a multidisciplinary approach to managing fetal anomalies.
  4. Identify anatomic and pathologic structures in the gynecologic patient utilizing imaging technologies.
  5. Recognize other diagnostic methods such as genetic testing.


3:00 to 5:00 p.m., Wednesdays
Education Conference Room
Faculty Leader - Jennifer L. Griffin, MD

Attended by - All Ob-Gyn Residents

Description - This core lecture series is designed to cover 100 major topics encompassing the three major sub-specialty areas in obstetrics and gynecology. Division directors from Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Reproductive Endocrinology/ Infertility participate or assign faculty facilitators for these two hour conferences. Basic science, clinical problems and psychosocial issues will continue to be emphasized. Learning objectives are specific to the topic presented that week.