Resident Research

Each Obstetrics and Gynecology resident is responsible for completing at least one research project during the four years of training.

The goals of our Resident Research Program are as follows:

  1. Develop an understanding of clinical research and its application to the practice of medicine
  2. Understand the requirements for human research.
    1. Completion of "Collaborative IRB Training Initiative" web-based program to educate physicians in the area of human based research.
    2. Completion of at least one IRB approval process for research.
  3. Develop written and verbal communication skills by presenting a research project.
    1. Prepare a written research abstract in a prescribed format for presentation.
    2. Prepare a manuscript on approved research in a prescribed format for publication.
    3. Present a research project in a brief discussion, question format.
  4. Develop an improved understanding of statistical evaluation of data.

All residents will complete a longitudinal research project during their four years of residency training. Residents are expected to actively engage in department and program activities associated with scholarly activity and continued education journal club and Life Long Learning Modules. Faculty advisors are utilized to assist residents in their research endeavors.

  • Emma Bye, MD, HOII - “Postpartum Depression Among Medical Residents“ Advisor: Laura Cudzilo- Kelsey, MD
  • Carly Jennings, MD, HOII - “Breast Health Education Among OBGYN Residents“ Advisor: Jennifer Griffin, MD
  • Dana Marsh, MD, HOII - “Stage 1 Hypertension and Pregnancy: Scope of Disease and Pregnancy Outcomes“ Advisor: Karen Carlson, MD
  • Taylor Swartz, DO, HOII - “A Cross-sectional Survey of the Emotional Response to and Recovery from Pregnancy Loss Among Physician Mothers“ Advisor: Katherine Lessman, MD
  • Alissa Burchell, MD, HOIII - “Evaluation of the Clinical Use of Antenatal Corticosteroids in Late Preterm Women at Risk for Preterm Delivery“ Advisor: Joshua Dahlke, MD
  • Melissa Mathes, MD, HOIII - “Total Motile Sperm Count Effect on Pregnancy Outcomes in Intrauterine Insemination“ Advisor: Stephanie Gustin, MD
  • Garth K Summers, DO, HOIII - “Survival Outcomes of Robotic-assisted versus Abdominal Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical Cancer“ Advisor: Brent Tierney, MD & David Crotzer, MD
  • Kelsie Cabrera, DO, MS, HOIV and Anna Gorman, DO, HOIII - “The Impact of ‘Meds to Beds’ on Postpartum Opioid Use” Advisor: Josh Dahlke, MD and Sonja Kinney, MD
  • Elizabeth Hultgren, MD, PhD, HOIV - “Trainee Participation and Pathological Outcomes in LEEP Procedures” Advisor: Sonja Kinney, MD
  • Casey Sautter, MD, MSc, HOIV - “The Impact of Opening an Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic at UNMC” Advisor: N. Jean Amoura, MD, MSc
  • Luke Wenzel, DO, HOIV - “Accessibility and Usage of Ulipristal Acetate in Nebraska” Advisor: Laura Cudzilo-Kelsey, MD

Resident Research Day and Leon Steiner McGoogan Lecture

Resident Research Day and the Leon Steiner McGoogan Lecture are held on a Friday in late May or early June each year.  

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