Current Residents

Meet Our 2018-2019 Residents



Emily Abele, MD  



Undergrad: Augustana College

Medical School: University of South Dakota

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: The residents and faculty are such a great team, working together, and making sure that excellence is a part of our daily routines.

Marissa Decker, MD



Undergrad: Truman State University

Medical School: University of Iowa


Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: Our staff and residents are extremely supportive. Education and quality patient care are always the priority. 


Pamela Jordi, MD



Undergrad: University of St. Thomas

Medical School: Creighton University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: The residents and staff here have been extremely welcoming and supportive. I know I am receiving the best education in both a community and academic setting, and I'm building long-lasting friendships along the way! 

Marisa Shiode, MD  



Undergrad: University of California

Medical School: University of Nevada

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: The residents and staff support each other and provide an excellent and welcoming environment. The residents seem to be truly happy working with each other and have a great time both within and outside of work. This program provides an excellent mix of community and academic practices as well as sufficient focused and protected resident education time.  

Kelsie Cabrera, DO, MS 



Undergrad: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Medical School: Kansas City University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: The staff and residents set learning and excellent patient care as high priorities. Everyone is willing to help and work as a team when things get tough. The program is run very efficiently and I can tell a lot of time and energy is put in to making it a wonderful residency program.

Elizabeth Hultgren, MD, PhD 



Undergrad: Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD

Medical School: Sanford School of Medicine

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: UNMC is a unique blend of an academic center with a strong sense of community in the heart of the Midwest.  The program delivers the ability to learn from a variety of physicians in order to provide a unique learning environment for the residents.  I appreciate the autonomy I am given with my patients while being provided the backbone of a strong education in order to enhance competence in my knowledge as well as confidence in my skillset as a physician.

Casey Sautter, MD, MS  



Undergrad: Lawrence University, Appleton, WI

Medical School: University of Minnesota

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: I was impressed by the quality and friendliness of the faculty and residents and the breadth of experiences offered throughout the program. We receive strong clinical training in a supportive learning environment.

Luke Wenzel, DO 



Undergrad: Winona State University, Winona, MN

Medical School: Des Moines University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: UNMC is the perfect mix between an academic and a community program. It has the rigor of an academic program, mixed with all the hands on experience of a small community program. Also the faculty and residents care about creating a supportive learning environment for everyone. Plus outside of work Omaha is a fun and affordable city!

Alissa Burchell, MD   burchell


Undergrad: Duke University

Medical School: UNMC

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: I wanted to stay at UNMC for many reasons, but primarily because I love the faculty and residents. There is a great sense of community among residents and the faculty is very supportive of our education. Our program has a nice blend of academic and community based medicine, which all facilitate a lot of hands on learning. Omaha is also a fun city with lots of things to do!

Anna Gorman, DO  Anna-Gorman-4118.jpg


Undergrad: Florida Southern College

Medical School: Kansas City University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: UNMC has been extremely welcoming from day one! The faculty is extremely supportive of my education and they genuinely care about the residents. I love that we get experience in both an academic setting as well as in private practice, and I know that I will receive adequate training. UNMC is the perfect blend of academic medicine with a Midwestern community feel.

Melissa Mathes, MD   Mel-Mathes-4146.jpg


Undergrad: University of Minnesota

Medical School: UNMC

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: I loved the residents at UNMC.  They function like a true team and are all very supportive of each other.  I also like that we get training experience at a large academic center as well as a community hospital. The staff is dedicated to ensuring we are strong providers after graduation and foster a positive working relationship between all members of our team.

Garth Summers, DO  summers


Undergrad: University of Denver

Medical School: Des Moines University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: I am enthralled with the collaborative and supportive training environment created by our faculty, staff, and my co-residents. I appreciate the balanced training opportunities in both the private practice and academic medicine settings. Most importantly, I look forward to learning daily to strengthen my fund of knowledge and aptitude as an obstetrician gynecologist.

Emma Bye, MD   Bye-4138.jpg


Undergrad: South Dakota State University

Medical School: University of South Dakota- Sanford School of Medicine

Why I'm happy I chose UNMC: I chose UNMC because of how I felt when I met the residents and staff during my interview.  Everyone I met was welcoming and it was evident they supported each other and enjoyed working together.  I have quickly realized that UNMC provides the perfect mix of an academic setting with a strong community feel.  There is a large volume and variety of clinical experiences for resident learning in a supportive environment.  It has been a great transition and I am excited to be here!

Carly Jennings, MD   Jennings-4110.jpg


Undergrad: Concordia University

Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC:  The main reason I chose Nebraska was the people.  During my interviews, I met amazing people who are down to earth and share similar goals.  When I got to know the residents and what the program had to offer, I knew this was the place for me.   The program provides early exposure to surgery, with awesome attendings and staff.  The program also provides a well-rounded training including both academic and private practice settings as well as family planning.  Great people is what makes a program!  

Dana Marsh, MD   Dana Marsh picture


Undergrad: Creighton University

Medical School: UNMC

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: I am thrilled to be at UNMC because of the excellent training we receive and the wonderful people I get to work with every day. The residents are hard-working friends and teachers, and make it fun to be in residency! The faculty are approachable, and genuinely care about our education. I am grateful to train with such skilled and compassionate physicians. I was also drawn to UNMC for its incorporation of private practice exposure into the curriculum, and the diversity of clinical experiences. I truly feel like training at UNMC will set me up for success after residency - while forming lasting friendships along the way!

Taylar Swartz, DO   Swartz-4132.jpg


Undergrad: Grand View University

Medical School: Des Moines University

Why I’m happy I chose UNMC: This program is extremely well-rounded and provides an excellent blend of academic and community-based medicine.  Of equal importance to me were the people I would be surrounded by during my training.  I continue to be impressed by the faculty, staff and my co-residents and the supportive learning environment that exists here.  We truly are a team working together to continually grow our knowledge base and provide our patients with the best possible care.