Meet Our Team

Under the leadership of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, H. Dele Davies, MD, the team driving the Office of Community Engagement includes:

Dr. Heidi Keeler

Heidi J. Keeler, PhD, RN

With her combined clinical, community and academic experience, Dr. Heidi J. Keeler brings a wide range of expertise to her leadership role as the Director of the Office of Community Engagement. She aims to create a strong bridge between UNMC and the community to strengthen partnerships. Relationships such as this educate clinicians and community members resulting in better health for all Nebraskans.

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Brooke Fitzpatrick

Brooke J. Fitzpatrick, MPH

Brooke’s experience includes an educational background in public health and working for more than a decade in research in the academic medical center setting.  She brings a passion for health advocacy and has been involved in successful legislative efforts to aid the deaf and hard of hearing community in Nebraska.  Brooke aims to draw upon her knowledge and experiences to develop new collaborative partnerships and strengthen existing ones between UNMC faculty, staff, and students and the communities UNMC serves. 

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