Frequently Asked Questions


What is ENGAGE?  
ENGAGE is UNMC's unique online platform designed to create an online community for UNMC and allow departments, programs, and student member organizations to streamline processes while helping drive engagement.  ENGAGE has many benefits including communication tools, events management, information sharing, reports and much more.
Where can I find the login page?  Login in using your UNMC Net ID username and password.
How do I create my individual profile?  
When you first login to ENGAGE you will be prompted to accept the user terms of the system. You can then create or update your profile information. Your profile is important to your ENGAGE experience and can be updated at anytime by clicking on the circle with your initial at the top right of the screen and selecting "Account".
How do I find an organization?  

After you have signed in to ENGAGE and created your individual profile, you can connect with others with similar interests by joining organizations. On the UNMC community homepage, find and select the "Organizations" tab. From here you can search by name or category.

How can I communicate with group members through ENGAGE??  
ENGAGE has great communication tools and features to help you stay connected to events and opportunities as well as communicate with group members. ENGAGE will allow you to communicate with other students, faculty, staff and administrators through a variety of ways-news posts, polls, discussion boards, emails, and more.
Who do I contact if I have questions?  
The Office of Community Engagement is here to help! You can reach us at or 402.559.1769. 

If we are unavailable, ENGAGE has a robust help desk, and can be reached at: 716-270-0000 or