Own the Bone

First in Nebraska to "Own the Bone"

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is the first in Nebraska to implement the American Orthopaedic Association’s Own The Bone™ Program to reduce fractures related to osteoporosis.

The program is aimed to better identify, evaluate and treat patients that suffer from an osteoporosis or low bone density-related fragility fracture (a broken bone that results from a fall from standing height or less). It brings focus to the severe health implications of fragility fractures and the multi-faceted approach hospitals or clinics can employ to ensure these patients receive the most comprehensive care.

Own the Bone is a national Web-based quality improvement registry that incorporates 10 measures for reducing future fractures and will provide the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery with immediate feedback on program performance to measure the medical center’s success and helps benchmark UNMC against other institutions. With Own the Bone, UNMC reduces this huge treatment gap and ensure that our patients with fragility fractures are screened and appropriately treated for low bone density or osteoporosis.