Shoulder and Elbow

The Shoulder and Elbow Service, a specialty service of UNMC's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation in Omaha, Nebraska, provides comprehensive evaluation and management for a wide range of shoulder and elbow problems, including arthritis; dislocation or instability; fractures; rotator cuff tears and tendon tears; joint stiffness; and complications due to unsuccessful previous surgery.

Our team consists of a shoulder and elbow specialty-trained physician, orthopaedic surgery residents, therapists, and nurses who use a multi-disciplinary approach to care for patients in the Omaha area and throughout the Midwest. At UNMC patients also have access to world-class experts that can assist in the formulation of diagnoses and treatment plans.

Non-surgical and surgical treatment options are considered. Surgery may be performed in arthroscopic or open fashion depending on the problem. Treatment may range from exercises to reconstructive surgery. Our goal is to maximize joint function. The entire team will be an integral part of rehabilitation with or without surgery.

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Dr. Matthew Teusink      

Dr. Matthew Teusink