Campus Tours

UNMC is committed to providing a closer look at UNMC to those who may be considering a health profession or who just want to gain a greater understanding of UNMC’s role in improving the health of our citizenry. Our tour program has two primary audiences – potential students and the general public. The various tour opportunities for these audiences are provided below.

Potential Students
If you are a student interested generally in health professions or research, UNMC has two health career days each year that provide students with the opportunity to receive information from each program at UNMC. Health Care Career Days will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the health education programs offered at UNMC. Students will visit the academic “homes” of  three programs of interest to learn more about preparing for specific programs and careers. To register your student high school groups for Health Care Career Day, visit our registration page. For further information please contact Channing Bunch.

Students interested in a specific profession at UNMC are welcome to contact that program or college directly for information or a potential tour.
Nursing:  Call (402) 559-4110 or email. More information here.
Dentistry: Call (402) 472-1479 or email. More information here.
Medicine: Call (402) 559-2259 or email. More information here.
Public Health: Email. More information here, including about the college’s annual open house.
Pharmacy: Call 402-559-4333 or email. More information here.
Allied Health Professions: Email. See information here about more tour opportunities.
Graduate studies: Call 402-559-4476 or email. More information here.

Virtual tours

The Weigel Williamson Center for Visual Rehabilitation
(Low Vision House)

Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education
(College of Medicine)

You will need the latest flash player and Quicktime to view the virtual tours.