District 39

Legislative District #39

1,063 Health professionals in your district have graduated from UNMC.

351 UNMC employees currently live in your district.

183 Current students graduated from high school in your district.

12 UNMC preceptors help train UNMC students in a clinical setting in your district.

UNMC’s High School Alliance partners with public schools in your district to provide high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to observe, shadow  and work alongside health care professionals and researchers at UNMC. unmc.edu/alliance

Online training modules designed by the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) help primary care providers better treat patients with mental health  issues.

Two UNMC-affiliated facilities are located in your district: Village Pointe Aesthetic Surgery and Dreams Medspa at 17617 Burke St. and Village Pointe Specialties at 110 South 175 St.