Jobs and Workforce Impact

Employment ImpactIn FY 13-14 UNMC/Nebraska Medicine and affiliates supported 28,927 jobs in the Nebraska economy. These jobs included not only direct employment by UNMC/ Nebraska Medicine and affiliates (13,148 jobs) but also indirect jobs created for supply and equipment vendors, contractors and laborers for the construction and renovation of facilities, and jobs created in the community at hotels, restaurants, and retail stores in support of their workforce, patients, and visitors. 

In addition to its direct employees, UNMC/Nebraska Medicine and affiliates also support thousand of jobs statewide in many sectors of the Nebraska economy such as construction, business and professional services, restaurants and hotels, information technology, security, and temporary employment companies. These indirect jobs (15,779 jobs) support the 13,148 residents of Nebraska who are employed directly by UNMC. The impact of UNMC to other sectors of the economy including the health care sector (hospitals and physician and dental offices), nursing and residential care facilities, real estate establishments and non residential commercial construction, restaurants, retail, and wholesale trade businesses is significant.