Independence and Methodology

The University of Nebraska commissioned an independent third party, Tripp Umbach, to conduct an economic impact study of all University operations plus Nebraska Medicine, UNMC's primary clinical partner. Tripp Umbach has conducted more than 500 customized economic impact studies for major corporations, health care organizations, universities, medical schools, and health insurance companies. Tripp Umbach has provided economic impact analysis for every medical school and teaching hospital in the United States in partnership with the AAMC since 1995.

To fully quantify the impact of the University within the state of Nebraska throughout this study, Tripp Umbach established a comprehensive, yet conservative, methodology to estimate the operational impact based on information compiled using uniform and consistent techniques that could be replicated in the future. Economic impact was calculated using a method known as IMPLAN (IMpact Analysis for PLANing), a modeling system developed by applied economists at the University of Minnesota and the U.S. Forest Service.  The University of Nebraska supplied the data used in this study and FY 2017-18 figures were used for all inputs. All impacts are presented in 2018 dollars.

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